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Since the inception of The Canadian SADS Foundation in 1995, dedicated volunteers have worked diligently to promote the Foundation's goals. The Canadian SADS Foundation is a registered Canadian charity committed to increasing community awareness about inherited cardiac rhythm disorders. We are proud to declare that we continue to operate solely with a staff of volunteers.

Here are some of our major accomplishments:

The website,, has become a source of links to the most current international information about inherited cardiac arrhythmia disorders. It also provides a forum for affected families to share their stories.

A toll-free number, 1-877-525-5995 , is available so that information and support to callers is available on a timely basis.

National Conferences:
1999 in Toronto, ON
2001 in Calgary, AB
2003 in Toronto, ON
2005 in Vancouver, BC & Ottawa, ON
2007 in Toronto, ON
2008 in London, ON and in Calgary, AB
2009 in Montreal, QC and in Winnipeg, MB
2010 in Halifax, NS
2011 in Ottawa, ON and in St. John's NL and in Newtown, NL
2012 in Edmonton, AB and in Vancouver BC

    Periodic Newsletters in a newsy format that includes:
  •   Articles contributed by leading medical personnel
  •   Family Stories
  •   Fundraising Events

Brochures Available in English and French:

  • General Information brochures
  • Brochures for Teachers and Coaches  
  • Brochures for the Health Care Community
Patient Information Booklets:
  • Current information for patients and families affected by LQTS
  • Current information for patients and families about how LQTS affects Women
  • Current information for patients and families affected by ARVC
  • Current Information for patients and families affected by a Cardiac Channelopathy
  • Current Information for patients and families affected by HCM

Other Highlights:

  • Ongoing Recognition and Support from leading Canadian electrophysiologists, pathologists, medical examiners and coroners, and other members of the medical community.
  • International collaboration with other "SADS" groups eg: USA, UK , Australia, Hong Kong and Europe has resulted in global recognition for the contribution that the "SADS" groups have made towards promoting awareness for "The Warning Signs" of inherited cardiac rhythm disorders.
  • A Canadian Data Base: The Canadian SADS Foundation manages a central data base of Canadian families affected by inherited cardiac rhythm disorders and/or families who have a history of sudden unexplained death of an otherwise healthy young family member. Our mailing list is now almost 2,000 addresses and continues to grow.
  • A varied and knowledgeable Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board which guide and provide advice on the overall direction of the Foundation. All members of each Board have a personal interest in preventing sudden cardiac death due to inherited cardiac rhythm disorders.
  • A growing list of generous supporters whose contributions make all of these accomplishments possible.

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