Living with Cardiac Rhythm Disorders & Congenital Heart Disease..

April 28, 2012 -   April 28, 2012 Edmonton, AB
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM

A Conference for Patients and their Families

Event Overview

A collaborative project with The Canadian SADS Foundation and the Children's Heart Centre.

Event Details

Who Should Attend? - Families living with an inherited cardiac rhythm disorder - Families with a history of sudden unexplained death of an otherwise healthy child or young adult - Families affected by acquired or congenital heart disease

Participating Clinics and Sponsors

Location: Edmonton, AB

Holiday Inn Express Downtown

Featured Publications

LQTS: An Information Booklet for Patients and Their Families

This booklet has been written in an easy to read, patient friendly format and provides excellent information for those diagnosed with LQTS.


Long QT Syndrome in Women

As a woman with LQTS, your risk of experiencing symptoms may change at different stages of your life. Please read further...


Cardiac Channelopathies: An Information Booklet for Patients and Their Families

This publication is an excellent summary of several cardiac channelopathies including LQTS, CPVT and others.