Key Accomplishments to Date

Since inception in 1995 when the Canadian SADS Foundation became a registered national charity, the Foundation has developed an outstanding track record of serving Canadian youth and families affected by inherited cardiac rhythm disorders. Key accomplishments of the Foundation include:

* Developing and distributing Disease Information Booklets, vetted by leading Canadian arrhythmia specialists, to affected patients and families across Canada;

* Producing an Educational Video and a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to raise awareness of "The Warning Signs”.  The video is being used by EMS Services, amateur sports groups and school boards as a training and awareness tool;

* Facilitating regional conferences for patients and families across the country (including an International SADS Conference in Toronto in 2017) with current medical information delivered by leading Canadian and international electrophysiologists, genetics counsellors and other pertinent health care providers;

* Earning a reputation as a respected source for information and guidance by patients, the medical community, the media and the public in general;

* Demonstrating the ability to effectively represent the best interests of Canadian families affected by SADS across the Country (both English/French).