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About Us

Established in 1995, The Canadian Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation, a registered Canadian charity, is the only patient advocacy group in Canada dedicated to supporting families affected by inherited cardiac rhythm disorders. Often referred to as SADS conditions, inherited cardiac rhythm disorders are a group of diseases that affect the heart and can sometimes cause sudden cardiac death (SCD). A correct and early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for an inherited cardiac rhythm disorder will most often result in affected people being able to lead productive lives with normal life spans.

The Canadian SADS Foundation is also committed to raising awareness about "The Warning Signs" for these potentially devastating disorders. Ongoing awareness is essential to prevent the deaths of an estimated 700 children and young people who die from a SADS condition each year in Canada. Creating and sustaining awareness of SCD among medical professionals is also an integral part of the Foundation's work.

The Canadian SADS Foundation is committed to delivering three core services:
  1. Patient and family support for all those who are affected by inherited cardiac rhythm disorders;
  2. Education and awareness of "The Warning Signs" for these disorders among health care professionals and adults who care for and work with children and young adults;
  3. Advocacy to encourage research with the objective of improving diagnosis and treatment for these disorders.
The Foundation remains committed over the long-term to providing affected Canadian families with the support, education and advocacy they need to cope with these potentially devastating conditions.
Being predeceased by your child is perhaps the most difficult of all human experiences. It is even more devastating when the knowledge is available to prevent many of these deaths...

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