1 in 500
Living with HCM
1 in 2,500
Born with Long QT Syndrome
At Least 600
Under age 35 die annually
Reported warning signs

SADS Warning Signs

  • Fainting (syncope) or seizure during physical activity.
  • Fainting (syncope) or seizure resulting from emotional excitement, emotional distress, or startle.
  • Family history of unexpected sudden death during physical activity or during a seizure, or any other unexplained sudden death of an otherwise healthy young person.

Featured Publications

LQTS: An Information Booklet for Patients and Their Families

This booklet has been written in an easy to read, patient friendly format and provides excellent information for those diagnosed with LQTS.


Long QT Syndrome in Women

As a woman with LQTS, your risk of experiencing symptoms may change at different stages of your life. Please read further...


Cardiac Channelopathies: An Information Booklet for Patients and Their Families

This publication is an excellent summary of several cardiac channelopathies including LQTS, CPVT and others.


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Please join us in Toronto October 20, 2018: Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Toronto General Hospital

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